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11 Questions about Christmas answered about the elves at Santa Claus’ Main Post Office


11 Questions about Christmas answered about the elves at Santa Claus’ Main Post Office
1. Does Santa have magical reindeer? Absolutely! Those flying reindeer are a big help at Christmas time when presents need to be delivered around the world. 2. How old is Santa? Santa is hundreds of years old, possibly even thousands, according to some calculations. We haven’t been able to get a straight answer from Santa himself as he often, for some reason, has to dash off to answer children’s letters or stoke the logs in the fireplace whenever we ask him. 3. How old are the post office elves? That information is classified, but some of the senior elves may be up to 300 years old. Young elves can be recognised by their baby teeth and high-pitched voices. Older elves have a few grey hairs and often carry a handful of lichen in their pockets to feed to Santa’s reindeer. 4. How are post office elves born? One theory suggests we are born in a traditional pot of Christmas porridge if you stir the porridge three times in a north-easterly direction and twice in a north-westerly direction and throw in an almond and a pinch of salt. The exact recipe for making post office elves is a secret, but I can share the key ingredients: love, joy, merriment and fresh pine cones. 5. How do Santa Claus and his elves have time to deliver presents to every child? 6. Why does Santa Claus sometimes look different and how can he be in many places at once?

Santa has assistants who help the real Santa Claus prepare for Christmas and deliver presents. These “assistant Santas” are there for a good cause, bringing joy to children at Christmas time. In addition to assistants, there are “commercial Santas” who appear in, for example, television commercials. Just like assistant Santas, these commercial Santas spread the Christmas spirit to children and adults. So, if you feel like you’re seeing double and start to rub your eyes in disbelief, it may be that you have run into two assistant Santas at the same time. It’s good manners to politely say “hello” to each Santa.

7. How can presents be delivered if there is no snow on the ground? Santa has some tricks up his sleeve. The runners on the sled can be replaced with wheels and flying is always an option, either in a sled pulled by reindeer or with a helicopter. 8. Do elves see and hear everything? Yes, at least nearly everything. Senior elves may have some lichen growing in their ears which dampens their hearing a bit. Luckily, a pocket-sized ear trumpet is an easy solution to this problem. 9. What happens if an elf notices that a child has been naughty? We tell the child how good behavior brings joy and makes all their loves ones happy. Best of all, good behavior is catching! A small note in the elves’ pocketbook is a cautionary tip that bad habits can and should be changed. 10. How can I tell if an elf has visited my house? That is a good question. Elves are slightly (very) greedy for sweets, which means that there may be some gingerbread crumbs and little fingerprints on the edges of tables after a visit from an elf. You can also sometimes hear a quiet click when an elf closes a window or a door behind them. 11. What is it like to live at the Arctic Circle?

The Arctic Circle is a magical, enchanting, comfortable and energetic place. Nature is right on the doorstep, the air is fresh and so is the water. Many elves like to swim in the nearby Kemijoki river, even in wintertime. It’s good for our circulation.

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